Friday, August 12, 2016

Have you been High-Jacked?

Protect your heart and mind from all the virtual garbage. Easier said than done.
Have you wondered? Wondered what the world is coming to? I have for some time, asked why the limits keep getting moved and the bar has reached an all time low. the bar has been removed, or buried so deep, it cannot be found.  I feel like any and all opinions should be considered, but never ever accept hate as the message of choice. Seems more often than not with all the opinions and keyboard junkies, trolls, as they have been called, sitting there waiting to pounce has become a favorite pastime for many. I believe that the true journalists no longer have a voice, or have chosen not to defend to the depths of such rediculous stinky accusations from all corners to defend their profession. In the same way that Christianity has been high-jacked, so has journalism.

I suspect they might feel like their profession has been hijacked.
Like any noble profession there are standards, ethics and accountability. Those have gone by the wayside along with truth, integrity, and a desire to excel. Sadly, politics brings out the very worst of all the people who think that their opinion is always right and the only one that matters. Great journalism required studying the subject, checking the facts, and reporting objectively. If this sounds new, it most likely has never been heard by all the keyboard quarterbacks with all the answers.

I have been, and continue to be inquisitive. Since at a young age, someone told me that "just because it is popular, it does not mean it is right." Thus, I have always questioned the status quo. Not so much
 as a sport, but to have a better understanding. Now, when I hear something that is outrageous, or sounds impossible to believe, I question it. Always have, always will.  Some have called me a rebel, maybe because I do not agree with what is popular or support crazy opinions.
To that, I say  "Guilty."  No shame in my game for speaking out and speaking up. I would encourage everyone to read more, listen more, think for yourself, and, form your own opinions based on the truth. It is so much easier to keep up with than all the negative garbage that's flooding the digital world.
The TRUTH, will always come out, sooner or later, and while you are waiting, go ahead and do your homework, seek the truth, and question. Always question, not only your ideas but the things that are poured into your mind everyday via tv-Internet, and the world.
Now, I am off to high jack a good book!
Until next time- take the High Road, not the High-Jacked pot holed unpaved version.

Jesus said, "you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. From John 8:32