Tuesday, June 7, 2016

High tide - how high is the water?

A trip to the coast, if you spend any time at all there will teach you. I love to watch the ships come in. With each wave I am reminded of the never ending love and grace found in the source of life itself.  Some days our oceans are calm and the waves are gentle, guiding us along. The sun is shining and the surf is up. Weather conditions are near perfect. Do you see it? The Horizon, it's just over that next wave, so you keep paddling toward the perfect wave. You rest for a brief moment, watching, Hoping to catch the perfect wave. Paddle, faster, now pop up on that board and stand- balancing, steadying yourself- there; ride that wave all the wave out. That felt good didn't it? Let's do it again!  Paddle, pop up, balance ride and repeat.  When the waves slow to a gentle roll and the breakers are gone, you can be sure that tomorrow they will return. Hopeful to get there in time to catch some of the power, you return to work or routine or what ever fills your time. Tomorrow, is never a given, we have hope that the sun will shine and the tides will return and retreat.
   I thought about that this early morning as I woke much earlier than I had hoped. Another day, and another chance to make the most of it.  So I popped up on the morning with a full 2 hours to make a difference-@3:30 am to vacumn and dust and tend things inside, before the  sunrise and the hope of catching the perfect wave.  But wait, I am not living on the coast. In the big old heart of Texas we have had lots of water, in fact, some say too much. It has caused disaster flooding and claimed some lives. Navigating the waters here is a lot different and not nearly as welcoming as the coastal waters. Flood waters are muddy and carry lots of things that get in the way of their path, with no direction or boundary when they are out of their banks.
Yet, all the while, God is there, in the midst to help us through our storms. Faithful to never give up on us, he proved it when he went to the cross. All you need to do is ask, He is the only Life preserver you will really ever need. Put it on and wear it proudly! Until the next wave or storm- keep on paddling. Xoxo

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